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"Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important."

- Bill Gates

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Take back to the classroom lesson plans and the skills to teach basic camera and editing, sequence shooting, short interview backstories and be able to create your own 1:1 lesson using a device.  Teachers are given access to customised video tutorials that use a visual step-by-step method to reinforce knowledge acquired on the day. 


Summary of the course 

Teachers collaborate in small groups and engage in hands-on activities to consolidate skills learnt, including the creative power of shot sizes and angles, planning a shoot, filming a TV sequence, the art of capturing moving pictures, and how to tell a good story using moving pictures.


There is time to design and implement a lesson plan incorporating filming making processes that can be used in the classroom that has a clear assessment and reporting process, both as a small group and individually.


By the end of the course, teachers will have a template lesson-plan that incorporates filmmaking skills into current lesson plans to expand creativity, engage students with technology learning outcomes across a number of subjects/KLAs including English, Music, Visual and Dramatic Arts, Technology and Numeracy.


Teachers will be able to create 1:1 video-based instruction lessons.


Resources and reference material packages are given to teachers at the end of the course to reinforce skills confidence. This video material can be used in class to engage students and as a quick reference for the teacher.

This course is for

  • Primary Teachers K-6

  • Teacher year 7-11

  • Teachers of English and Literacy 

  • Teachers involved in AV

  • Teachers new to the filmmaking process

  • Teachers interested in factual storytelling

  • Teachers wanting to expand their filmmaking skills

  • Teachers who want to create video-based instruction using devices

  • Teachers who wish to up-skill on current technologies due to the Digital Technology curriculum and ICT Capabilities becoming mandatory



Equipment Required


iPad or iPhone to shoot.  iMovie on iPad, iPhone or laptop for editing. 

This course is based on Mac and uses iMovie for editing, but these skills are transferable to PC and other digital devices and software.  



If you shoot with an external camera you may use this as long as you can import into the editing software or iPad already without instruction.  If you use other editing software you will still benefit from this course. However, the quick reference videos will not apply and you will need to be able to use the software before coming on the course. Please email for more details if you wish to use another editing software on the day. 


Filmmaking tools and lesson planning 

for the classroom (K-11) BYOD

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Sydney and Regional Areas  


Course outcomes

  • Plan a lesson incorporating filmmaking elements   

  • Create Video-based instruction – using 1:1 devices

  • Design and create a marking rubric 

  • Basic editing and camera skills

  • Create a video backstory

  • Shoot a picture sequence