Recording & Post Production

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We worked with The Seven Network to create "The Home and Away Podcast' & "Better Ideas" the podcast for Better Homes and Gardens TV Show.

Fatherhood with Brett Farrell 

Fatherhood with Brett Farrell is a 9 part series podcast talking to dads of the Christian faith at different points of Fatherhood.  They talk honestly about how they handle this thing called Fatherhood. 


This series covers topics including:

  • Young families

  • Divorce and remarrying

  • Absent fathers who work away from home

  • Having a child with a disability

  • When your child chooses not to follow God

  • Anger

  • Adoption 

  • Burn out

The Lock In with Brett Farrell

Stories from behind closed doors

We all need to talk and share stories and connect our humanity beyond policy announcements and facts. We need a collective “this sucks” moment. With the constant shock state and changes to life, we haven’t had the time to process things and say “This Sucks!” That’s about to change. I’ve got the podcast rig out and am lining up people to talk to about the humanity behind life’s changes. We can all say “This Sucks!” and get through this together. Let’s get busy.