Original Productions


14  X  5/10 minute -  Web profile series

A series of inspiring, intimate stories from a diverse group of artists, capturing how creative expression can clear the mind, feed the soul and heal the heart. 

Participants aged between 20-65 years old are artists, musicians, writers, creative teachers and honesty and opening share their life during the first lockdown in 2020.


Filmed in March - June 2020.

An original Farrell Network production

Watcha Doin' Today has been selected for a number of film festivals around the globe. And Ep 2 is a semi-finalist at the London Web & Short Film Festival.

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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Beautiful Country I
Lift-Off Sessions 2020 - laurel (black).

ABGS aka A Bloody Good Story -

Proof of Concept reel - unmixed


Short-form  4-3 minute episodes - Comedy Series

Currently in - POST Production 

ABG is a co-production with The Arts Refinery & Farrell Network

Director Writer Producer - Richard Fowler

Producer Editor - Loretta Farrell



8 X 30 minute - Sitcom

Currently in - Development

 co-production with The Arts Refinery & Farrell Network

Co-Creator & Producer & Writer  - Loretta Farrell

Co-Creator & Producer & Writer - Richard Fowler

Writer Lisa Malouf

A Bloody Good Story (ABGS) follows Rich, an aging neurotic creative who desperately wants his first screenplay to feature film. However, he decides his best chance for extra publicity would be to film a behind the scenes documentary.  


Rich hi­res cinematographer Mick to shoot, but decided to play 'Mikey', an Irish muso and writer who's the father character in his' said' screenplay 'Nova', the film he is trying to make about a 17-year-old girl who is deaf and wants to sing.


Rich as Mikey works closely with Producer Charlotte who is happy to go along with his crazy doco idea as long as she gets paid for her work bringing the feature film to pitch level. He coerces Chrissie to help make the doco happen as they band together friends, industry specialists, advocacy agents and professional actors to follow the fictitious Mikey documentary-making process.


Despite excoriating criticism from professional mentors and, at times, contradictory guidance from passionate advocates, Rich continues to film himself through re-writes, location scouting, casting. His BTS doco captures the raw truth of his experience to get the feature film made.


Even when friends pull out at critical times, actors refuse to play their roles, and then the untimely death of his beloved L.A. based Producer and mentor Si, he pushes on and records a live script reading of the screenplay and is pitch ready in eight months. 

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One year with Henry
(working title)
1 X 30 minute - factual 
Currently in Production and Post Production 

In March 2020, a pandemic shut down the world.  UK Artist Henry Walsh joined a project to self-filming his life as an artist in a small country village in the UK's Peak District.  Never expecting to be still filming 13 months later.


Henry is still capturing his life as the UK continues to go in and out of lockdown 12 months on.

The true impact on his work as an artist, father and husband, is still being recorded.  

She Creates Beauty

Currently in Pre Production 

‘She Creates’ A documentary that provokes theological conversations around beauty, the church and what role creative women of faith have in shaping culture in today’s society through their art practice. 

Seeking funding 

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