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The saying goes:

any two people in the world can be connected

through friends of friends - degrees of separation.

Join in this experimental documentary as we have fun learning a new skill with

free online filmmaking classes and connect with others in the private social media group. 

Participants will be invited to video/film their stories on their phones or camera and become joint filmmakers. 

The documentary will be made in the vein of the film 'Love Actually' following several people

involved in a creative expression and will feature at a public screening in St Marys (and later online).​

To help you get inspired and see what can be done, head to

Watcha Doin' Today and watch any one or all of the fourteen films

filmed by artists during the first COVID lockdown in March 2020.

I remotely directed, coached and trained each artist

to come together to create this truly inspirational web series. ​

Facebook public page @MagneticCreativeFacesCommunity -

Participants will be able to request entry invited into a private group.



Who can join

Calling all creatives living, working or connected in 

"Magnetic Places" postcodes areas and all Penrith council areas:

Cambridge Park, Colyton, Cranebrook, Kingswood,

Kingswood Park, Llandilo, Londonderry, North St Marys,

Oxley Park, Penrith (suburb), St Marys, Werrington


How does it work

Attend one or more FREE Filmmaking classes or should things change, attend one of our face-to-face lessons.

Join the community Facebook page for tips and hints on how to film:


Book a one-on-one story plan with Loretta..


Start filming your story..


Upload your footage..

Try to film at least once a week or more..


Watch the videos on the website and get creative..!

Selfie at Home
Man Filming Video


Free Film classes and Video Challenges

You can watch all the filmmaking classes here on our web page or on the Facebook group.  

To join in the free online workshops and mentoring,
join the Magnetic Creative Faces Community Facebook group where you once you like the will be then into the private group where the workshops and 'lives' will take place.

All dates for workshops and 'lives' will be posted on Facebook.

Once you have filmed your Videos upload  - here 



What is MCF?

Magnetic Creative Faces is an experimental documentary filmed by the people living and or working in Magnetic Postcodes of Penrith Council.

Who is behind it?

Filmmaker Loretta Farrell from the Farrell Network is the Director and Editor;
she created a similar project in March 2020 with artists during the first COVID lockdown called Watcha Doin' Today.  An Arts grant from Penrith Council partly will be funding this film.  


Partners and Sponsors.


to become a sponsor, please email


Where will it be shown?

The final documentary with have a public screening in St Mary's, NSW and will also be entered into Film Festivals worldwide. 

What kind of people are you looking for?

Anyone who has a hobby or passion in a wide area of creative expression from actors, dancers, singers, artists, florists, hairdressers, leather works, creative writing, poetry, visual arts, photography, textiles, cooking, storytellers, craftspeople, poets, painters, sculptures, musicians, writers, acrobatics, image captures, storytellers, knitters, animators, and all craftspeople, teachers of the arts and people who play air guitar.

Do I need to be a professional? 

NO, we want real people with a passion for creativity.


Do I need to be creative?  

Everyone is creative in some way. The fact you want to learn to film is proof of this.. Your mum, dad or sibling could be the one you film, and you're the camera person. There are no rules in creating; you could be a great stand-up comic, or good at drawing eyes or just want to 'have a go' and learn some filming skills. 

I don't have a camera, only a phone?

Perfect - as long as you shoot a landscape at the highest quality, this will be fine.

I have a Camera.

Excellent, use the best camera you have access to if you have sound equipment - even better.


No, you don't have to attend the film workshop if you don't want to, you may just like to use the resources I have created..

Yes we do need to talk about your story so that I can help you plan what you could be filming..

No, you do have to do the Challenges - these are for people who may not want to do a video diary and just want to take advantage of free film class..

All ages can take part in Workshops

NO EDITING of video footage is required or permitted - as this is my JOB.

All ages can submit a video - people under 16 will need their parents' permission.

Everyone you film must sign an artist release form for the footage to be used - This can be done after the footage has been uploaded and the person who is supplying footage can share this link to the people they film for their signature:

Find out more, on Facebook




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