Fatherhood with Brett Farrell


There are lots of manuals and guide books on fatherhood, but let’s face it - if you’re like me, you’re not going read them.

I thought that the best way to become a better dad was simply to chat with other dads.  They may not have all the answers but they do answer some of my questions.


In this 9 part podcast series, Brett Farrell chats with nine dads of faith at different points of fatherhood who talk honestly about how they handle this thing called 'fatherhood'.


This series covers topics including:

  • Young families

  • Divorce and remarrying

  • Absent fathers who work away from home

  • Having a child with a disability

  • When your child chooses not to follow God

  • Anger

  • Adoption 

  • Burn-out

Fatherhood with Brett Farrell is a free podcast resource to use in your digital channels.  The podcast is one man’s journey of figuring out fatherhood, by talking to other dads of faith.

The podcast series uses the topic of fatherhood to look at a number of taboo subjects including divorce, remarrying, anger, infertility, adoption, miscarriage, disabled children and burn-out.


Through these conversations, each father talks honestly about how their personal faith in God shapes not only how to raise their children but how they approach that season of life.


The Fatherhood podcast is available to Christian Radio stations around Australia as:


  • Embedded content for their website and clips for on-air use to drive traffic to the site; or

  • **Standalone episodes for broadcast use - current music will either be replaced or removed.


Benefits to the stations:

  • The additional quality produced content

  • Drive listeners to the website - increase traffic

  • Touchpoints for local church groups to deal with the fatherhood topic

  • Quality guests to drive audience engagement on air


Use the link below in your online digital channels – or share them with your friends and network – and help encourage dads, no matter what their life stage.

We have audio snippets from the show available on request – please email us if you would like to use them. The music is not cleared for broadcast.

For stations outside Australia please get in touch, as music license is for Australia only.

Series One Episodes 1-9

1. Rev. Matt Stedman is the vicar at St Bede’s Drummoyne - a growing Anglican Church in Sydney’s inner west.  Father of four, Matt Stedman talks faith, fatherhood & future.  As a young father, Matt says he doesn’t have all the answers, and like all dads, is figuring things out. Matt shares what scripture says about fatherhood, and his number one tip in getting it right, which has nothing to do with the children.

2. Christian Elliott A21 Global Development Director and UK-based Christian Elliott is a divorcee now in his second marriage.
He openly talks divorce, dating and doing it all again. Now remarried, Christian is living with his second wife, his two young toddlers plus his two teenagers from his first marriage. Christian shares the challenges of blending the old with the new and the realities of integrating families.

3. Tim Jupp spent 17 years on the road with worship band 'Delirious', and now heads up the UK's Big Church Day Out. Tim talks touring, teenagers and the power of talking.  Tim was on the road touring for most of his four children’s young lives.  They’ve all now finished school and two of his kids work for him.  Tim reflects on being away from the family, how life keeps going without him, and his keys to staying connected when miles apart. 

4. John Moussa is a businessman and father of two girls. He talks openly about disability, differences and devotion.  His wife was a worship leader in a large church before giving birth to their first daughter, who was born with down syndrome. He talks honestly about faith, his own childhood and how he fathers his two different girls.

5. Jack Hanes is an American expat and pastors the Imagine Nations Church in Sydney’s outer west.  Jack reflects on life’s choices, children and change.  He is a grandfather and father to three all in their thirties.  Jack speaks candidly about his frustrations and the heartache of a child who has abandoned faith.

6. Brian "Head' Walsh from Korn Single dad, Brian “Head” Welch was in Australia to promote his film 'Loud Krazy Love' and I caught up with him to talk about about adoption, anger and acceptance.

7. David Smallbone is better known as Rebecca St James’ and For King & Country’s dad and manager. I wanted to know more about how a father handled loss but ended up talking about failure, foreigners and family.

8. Pastor Adrian Smith I talk to Pastor Adrian Smith who has recently become a father, but it wasn't plain sailing.  Adrian is a Pastor at Northside Church in Sydney Australia who with his wife Claire, is going through the adoption process.  After years of trying to have children, Adrian had to confront some serious truths about fatherhood.

9. Ben Field In this episode, I talk to Ben Field who is the Head of Film & Television at the Hillsong Church.  Along with his wife Kate, Ben is raising 3 sons and 1 daughter all the while trying to juggle work, kids, wife and life.  Ben and I chat about seasons, security and sincerity.