Podcast Equipment

Here is the list of equipment that Farrell Network uses to record and edit podcasts.



Mix and match for the situation

  • Zoom H4N Pro - for smaller light-weight records - 2 people

  • Rodecaster Pro - for bigger records that require phone or Zoom/Skype inputs - up to 6 people

  • 2 x Rode PodMics

  • 1 x Rode NT1A Mic

  • 1 x AKG P120 Perception Mic

  • 2 x AKG headphones (more required if you have multiple guests who need to all hear someone on the phone, Zoom or Skype via the Rodecater Pro)

  • 4 x XLR microphone cables

  • Mic stands (prefer boom stands for their versatility)




  • Adobe Audition (or DAW - Digital Audio Workstation software of your choice)

  • Steinberg UR-22C audio interface (connects the computer to monitor speakers and can plug in a mic to record voice over later)

  • JBL 3 Series studio monitor speakers 

Podcast Hosting

Whooshkaa & Anchor