Educational & Media Professional Development and School Incursions

"Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important."

- Bill Gates

Media Professional Development & Training 

Group and private mentoring sessions are tailor-made to suit, covering all aspects of production, post-production,

and the A-Z of content creation.  

Presenting on camera, interviewing skills, shooter producing, directing for factual, editing on Premiere Pro, Podcast producing and understanding storytelling for audiences engagement.

Teacher Professional Development

Designed to empower teachers with skills in keeping digitally native students engaged, inspire students with different learning styles and integrating technology into a number of curriculum subjects.


Each workshop will encourage creative thinking, problem-solving and grow confidence in both teachers and their students.

School Incursions

Cinematic workshops teaching the art of storytelling. Students learn to ride the narrative wave in fun, effective and practical workshops, designed to achieve curriculum learning outcomes and grow confidence.

Workshop benefits 

  • encourage creative thinking 

  • critical thinking 

  • motivation

  • collaboration

  • problem-solving

  • perseverance

School Incursions

Cinematic workshops teaching the art of storytelling


Students learn to ride the narrative wave in fun, effective and practical workshops, designed to achieve curriculum learning outcomes and grow confidence.

Teaching the tech-savvy kid how to tell stories (3-9)

Factual Storytelling -Create your own TV styled Backstory

Focusing on journalistic professionalism, researching, scripting the narrative, connecting the audience when producing nonfiction stories. Story Arc Workshops has developed a 'colour teaching system' to help kids write and create factual stories. 


Using new filmmaking skills students will be able to create a TV styled backstory that is entertaining and coherent. 


Teachers and students will be able to mark their final work matching clear descriptors from the workshops rubrics scoring sheets.

  • Basic camera work

  • Shooting a sequence (what is a sequence)

  • Basic editing

  • Interviewing for film

  • How to tell a story that is coherent and entertaining

  • Context and music manipulation


Storytelling Without Words (K-10)

Focusing on creating visual stories, music storytelling and connecting the audience to non-fiction stories.

Connecting sounds and pictures to emotions, feelings and understand how a good narrative works even without words. 


Storytelling - Picture books (K-10)

Turn your favourite books into a monologue mini-movie.  Learn to film and frame a shot, basic editing, presenting and narrating to the camera.  

Connecting written literary with speaking and listening, sounds, pictures, how to express emotions, feelings to narrate the written word. 



The social experiment  (K-12) 

Using filmmaking the workshop explores manipulation and context. Exploring how "a picture can tell a thousand words" and with a bit of creativity not every picture tells the truth.


Students will shoot and interview peers to create a number of short interview based films that will be edited.   These films will explore a number of issues based on age appropriate topics.​


Newsroom Intensive (3-12)

Newsroom - Welcome to "Insert school name" News. 

You have a green screen, cameras or iPads and maybe some lights. Make the most of what your school has long-term and create the school's newsroom.

Workflow, content ideas, and expanding the news team across all years and subjects to make a weekly or monthly video quality school news with local stories.



Quality documentary making for English classes

How to make a great narrative using AV Technology  (3-12)

For High School HSC/IB Video Intensive (14-17 yr)

This is a one-day intensive hands-on workshop to gain an understanding of industry knowledge and skills to produce high-quality video content to take your work to the next level. 


  • Learn to write, shoot and edit using what cameras and editing software they have access to

  • Develop your storytelling skills and take away the technical fears as you learn the craft of filming making

  • Refine your work to have that professional edge

  • Professional hacks, when you are on a budget of air and water


Subjects you can use video for:

  • Music

  • Drama

  • English Extension

  • Visual Art

  • Design & Technology

BYOD Storytelling for years 3- 6
10-year-old Aidan was very proud of what he made in the session, BYOD Storytelling for kids year 3-6.

This is his first-ever iMovie using the movie maker function and not the generic trailer, he can now split audio, cut a sequence, add music and FX
and knows that every good story needs to have
Who What When Where Why and How.

This is a one day course.