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  • 30+ years experience in field and post-production: director, producer
  • Produce, shoot, write and edit long and short form factual and lifestyle content
  • Research, interview talent, scripting
  • Develop and generate original story ideas
  • Edit and post produce packages, half hour and hour-long programs
Post Producer & Offline Editor
Pitch reels, Backstories,  Full Episodes
Remote directing, post producing and editing 
Studio A, ABC iview

Working (editing) remotely to help shape and deliver this heart-warming 6 x part short documentary series.


Studio A reveals how six neuro-diverse artists tackle important creative and professional milestones while challenging expectations of people with intellectual disabilities.

Clash of the Collectables

Post Producer & Offline Editor

EP 1, EP 3, EP 5, EP 7, EP9

Restored for US Network

Offline Editor

Series One EP 3, EP 6, EP 8, EP 12

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