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Story Telling

Let's get creative with your story.  When you watch a TV show contestants are usually given a 'backstory' about themselves; a short 3-5 minute story about the person, their family, hobbies and achievements. 

I will edit everyone's stories together in the vein of the film 'Love Actually' and see if we can connect people within the community via stories, places of interest, arts and more.

What you need to do is:

  • Record a Video Diary of your story at least once a week, or when starting a new scene

  • Talk us through what you are doing - feeling - creating

  • Talk like you are telling someone a story face-to-face

  • Get creative with filming yourself or have someone film you.

  • You will learn how to shot a scene and it's these scenes that will make up part of your story

  • PLEASE NO EDITING OF SHOOTS - that is my job

  • Your goal is to film 2 to 6 scenes

Technical Notes: 

  • Turn the lights on, and shoot in areas with good light

  • Each shot needs to be a minimum 10 seconds in duration

  • Where possible, use an external microphone to record sound 

  • Please don't have any music on in the background when talking to the camera 

  • All contributors that appear in the film receive an end credit in the final film 

  • If you film someone, they will need to sign a release form.

  • If you are a musician and playing original music you will need to sign an artist release form​​

  • When you telling your story make sure you cover the 5w's and the 1 H:







Meet Aidan - he attended one of my one day school holiday workshops and this is what he created:

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