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Loretta Farrell 

Loretta Farrell is a filmmaker with over 25 years experience working with television networks, NGOs and corporate clients in Australia, the UK and Asia. 

She has a passion for people and connecting stories to audiences. 

Loretta brings her global broadcast experience in filmmaking and understanding pathways to audiences to help businesses, brands and people connect on the right platforms.  

In short, she helps you break-through the noise on social media with targeted visual and audio content. 

No other medium is as effective in sharing your message or marketing your business.

But not everyone can interview or tell a story. 

Complete video production and post-production services include

•   Scripting, casting and location selection

•   Full crew and equipment hire

•   Editing, and colour correction

•   Audio, music, voiceover & mastering


Already filmed? I can edit your footage and send you a professionally edited and produced video.